Soul Cal Deluxe – the retailer’s brand

October 23, 2012 in High Street

Soul Cal Deluxe is a retail brand from one of the biggest retailers in the United Kingdom, designing clothing inspired by the sun, sand, surf and style of California. The label specialises in casual outdoor clothing, including trousers, shorts, T-shirts, cardigans, hoodies, blazers, jackets and sweaters. Soul Cal Deluxe also produces a line of accessories, such as sunglasses, totes, hats, belts, socks and scarves.

The brand and new arrivals

Soul Cal Deluxe derives its brand identity from the ‘young California’ theme, making all-season clothing with a sunny, urban youth theme. The brand features American colours and sun-faded jeans, paired with an exciting range of ochre and vermilion webbing belts. This season’s new arrivals include the Soul Cal Deluxe Messenger Bag series and a canvas SC & Co. Barrel bag in navy blue and white. Other new arrivals include the Fisherman shirt, Nava sweater and Jersey Blazer. The new line of shirts features plaid, checked and solid fisherman shirts.

With a fresh, exciting range of stylish clothing now available in stores, Soul Cal Deluxe is the retailer’s brand that defines affordable fashion.